Why bamboo underwear?

Put simply, we sell bamboo underwear for men. 

We don't really need a sales pitch because we know our products speak for themselves, but since we've gone to the trouble of making a website - here goes: 

Our bamboo underwear is incredibly soft, it has just enough elasticity to cling snugly to your skin without irritation or chafing. The fibres of bamboo begin soft and only get softer with every wash, making bamboo the perfect fabric to have next to any sensitive bits. Because of their figure-hugging fit, there's little to no riding up, meaning no uncomfortable clumps of fabric under your jeans.

Our colours are vibrant and retain that richness throughout their life span. We've written a handy guide to looking after your bamboo underwear to help you out in case you're new to this, but they really are ridiculously easy to take care of. They need no chemicals to soften them and no heat sources to dry - in our experience they dry quickest and flattest against the heat of your own skin.

We don't expect you to just trust us, see our trustpilot reviews and try them out for yourselves. Our size chart is a great place to start, then just click the Men's Underwear link to start filling your underwear drawer with eco-friendly boxers.

We hope you enjoy using our website, if you do have any queries please visit our FAQ's or if you can't find your answer there; try our Contact Us page. 

We'd love to hear from you, happy shopping!

The 'ohe team