Product Care

Don't get us wrong; as much as we'd love for you to return and buy more from us, we'd actually rather you got the most out of your bamboo underwear. 
Here are some tips to keep that super-soft feel whilst also getting the freshness you want from your bamboo underwear.
  • Wash on a cool or warm (up to 40C/104F) cycle.  Our colours want to be intense for longer and high temperatures make them fade.
  • Wash on a gentle cycle and remove the undies as soon as the cycle has finished.  This can prevent too many creases and keep your undies looking new for longer.
  • Washing with eco friendly detergents is gentler on the soft, natural fibres and much better for our planet.  
  • There's no need for fabric conditioner - bamboo fibres soften up more with time.
  • Try not to use the dryer - instead lay them flat to dry in the sun - or for our U.K visitors who have forgotten what the sun is - hang them on an airer!
  • We have to say this because these people still exist - put the iron down! With proper wash and dry care there won't be that many creases, and the few that do exist will flatten out in no time against the heat of your body.  

We know washing is boring and you just want to get it done as quickly as possible but please do read the washing labels and your bamboo undies will look vibrant and feel amazing for a lot longer.  Learn more about washing symbols from Ariel .