Is bamboo underwear good?

Well, we think so!  In fact we'd go one better and say it's great.  Bamboo as a fabric is breathable, inhibits bacteria growth and it helps to regulate heat around the body; cooling you in summer and warming you in winter. 

We know we're new to you as a brand but we truly believe if you try a pair of 'ohe's underwear you'll love its super-soft, comfortable feel.  

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Is bamboo underwear good for hiking?

Yes, welcome hikers, here are the benefits of our bamboo underwear:

  • Sweat-wicking 
Bamboo underwear is known for absorbing moisture from your skin and moving it to the outer surface where it dries (evaporates) much more quickly than any cotton competitor.  Their quick drying properties are fantastic for washing on the go too!
  • Mid-thigh Length
The extra length of our boxer shorts reduce the amount of skin in contact with other clothing.  Along with our boxers being silky-soft, their length helps to reduce chafing on long walks.  Our seams are soft too!
  • Form Fitting
Our bamboo underwear is made with 95% bamboo and 5% Spandex which allows the boxers to cling to your body but they're also flexible enough to stretch when you're manoeuvring all those different terrains.  Another tick against the no chafing box.
  • No Tag Waistband
Our colourful bamboo underwear have no tags attached to them meaning no constant itchy irritation to the lower back.

Try a pair, and if on arrival you're not happy send them back.

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Is bamboo underwear quick drying?

Yes, and here's the geeky reason why.  Bamboo fibres both attract and repel water (hydrophilic and hydrophobic respectively) creating a force which makes the water molecules attracted to each other.  The water molecules draw other water molecules upwards to the top of the bamboo fabric where they evaporate up to 4x quicker than cotton.

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Is bamboo underwear breathable?

Yep!  Bamboo is a super-soft fibre, it doesn't snag or bobble in the way that other materials do which means the tiny little holes (that you can't see, so stop trying) don't block up in the same way.  Warm places breed bacteria, breathable means air can flow in and out helping to regulate temperatures and inhibit bacteria growth, which can only ever be a good thing down there!  

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