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'ohe underwear

Red, White and Blue extended Jubilee Offer

Red, White and Blue extended Jubilee Offer

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You don't need a huge national event to be a bit patriotic! 

We created this red, white and blue pack for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, but we love these colours so much that we're keeping them together (for now): celebrate your 'British-ness', celebrate the start of Wimbledon or just buy some undies and wear them discretely under your pants like other normal people do; we don't mind what your reasons for buying are, we just want you to feel comfortable in our softer-than-cotton, bamboo underwear.

If you haven't tried our products before maybe you could start with one pair of bamboo underwear...


Our 3 Pack of Bamboo Underwear comes with one red, one blue, and one white pair of bamboo underwear.  

All 'ohe underwear are made from 95% bamboo fabric and 5% spandex.


Our fabric is anti-static, anti-fungal, breathable, and excellent for daily wear and performance


Our 3 Pack of Bamboo Underwear contains mens underwear that is softer than the softest cotton. It regulates temperatures by staying warm in cold temperatures, and cool in hot temperatures


Our fabric is natural and 100% biodegradable


Our fabric is not a complex blend of synthetic fabric. It is natural and readily available.


95% bamboo fabric

5% spandex

Shipping & Returns

Our shipping is super easy! If you are ordering from the U.K, our shipping is £3. If you are ordering from anywhere else in the world the shipping is £6


S: 71-cm 81cm/28"-32"

M: 81cm-89cm/32"-35"

L: 89cm-97cm/35"-38"

XL: 97cm-104cm/38"-40"

XXL: 104cm-112cm/40"-44"

Care Instructions

Wash on a cool or warm (up to 40C/104F) cycle

Wash on a gentle cycle and remove the undies as soon as the cycle has finished. 

Lay flat to dry or hang on an airer.

For more in depth care instructions see our 'How to take care of your undies' guide

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