Old underwear must go!

Did you know many men keep underwear longer than any other item of clothing?  What is the oldest pair of underwear you have got and why have you not thrown them out?

It could be because they are hidden and not many people can see them to tell you how old and disgusting they look.  Most men don’t value underwear enough to update their boxers on a regular basis but often rely on wives, girlfriends and even their mum’s to stock up their underwear. I would never let my mum pick out my new jeans so why should it be the case for underwear?

It seems the older we get the less we start to care about what underwear we seem to wear and the less we wash them too! A recent survey by Mulberry’s Cleanners said that 18 -24’s washed their underwear the most (probably because their parents are making them) while 18% of men admitted to never washing their underwear!!

Unclean or old underwear can contain up to 10,000 different types of bacteria which can cause rashes and health issues including urinary tract infections. Time to take our underwear care seriously!

Here are some tips to get things in order:

  1. Do an underwear clear out. Have a look at your underwear and think do these look good or even clean? If your underwear is over two years old throw it out.
  2. Buy 8 pairs of quality black or grey bamboo underwear. The reason we sell black and grey underwear as they work with all outfits. They look clean and they also look professional. There is nothing worse than seeing an employee with bright red underwear with England Football on the waistband or a silly design.
  3. Move away from cheap cotton underwear. Bamboo underwear is softer, better for your underwear health, more breathable and does not carry as much sweat and bacteria.

Men, it is time to take control of your underwear situation and join the #underwearevolution #bamboomovement

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