Is bamboo fabric more comfortable than cotton?

Is bamboo fabric more comfortable than cotton?

For many people the idea of bamboo fabric is a foreign concept even though it is widely used in Asia. We are usually only given one real choice of underwear: cotton. While cotton does have some great qualities, at ‘ohe we believe that bamboo is the far superior fabric for underwear and socks.

In this blog we will take you through two advantages of bamboo fabric which we believe will convince you to make the switch to bamboo.

  1. Bamboo is soft

When you think of bamboo the word soft doesn’t immediately come to mind. We have images of pandas chewing through hard bamboo shoots and not silky underwear. Bamboo fabric has the complete opposite qualities of bamboo shoots. 

Bamboo fabric is super soft and you will feel a noticeable difference compared to cotton underwear. As soon as you take them out of our boxes you can instantly feel how soft they are. When you start wearing them you will not go back to cotton and you will notice how uncomfortable cotton underwear is. It is like staying at a 5 star hotel then going back to a 3 star hotel. Bamboo fabric makes wearing underwear an easy choice instead of poking through your drawers looking for the most comfortable or pair with the least holes.

  1. Bamboo fabric is drier than cotton

We have all had those days when we are running about the house or office and working up a bit of a sweat. You can feel the sweat building up and are dreading the long walk home or the movement back and forth across the office.  At the end of the day you peel off our underwear which are damp and moist and you are disgusted you wore them all day.  

Bamboo fabric is much more absorbent than cotton meaning it prevents sweat from rubbing up against your skin.  This prevents moisture-causing rashes which causes noticeable discomfort while you’re trying to move freely.

These are two reasons why bamboo fabric is the best choice for your comfort when choosing what underwear to buy!  Try one of our single packs to test it out!

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